Museum Human

Robert J Weisberg brings nearly 30 years as a museum hyphenate, a technologist-typesetter-digital-publisher-file-gatherer-project-manager-workflow-whisperer, to his website Museum Human. Rob posts twice a week on the organizational culture of cultural organizations, examining issues such as scarcity mindsets, overwork, remote/hybrid, hierarchy, and new technologies through the lens of org culture. The site features interviews with a diverse group of […]

Communication in Transition

Robert J Weisberg (he/him) has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for over 28 years, in a job that continues to comprise a variety of roles and responsibilities. His current title is Senior Project Manger, Publications and Editorial, and over the years, he has worked on many different areas of museum content and technology, including typesetting books and labels, making hundreds of publications accessible on the museum’s website, keeping his colleagues’ computers working, and various aspects of project management. He led a 175-member staff group of content-related departments in 2015–16. Depending on the time of day and the project in front of him, he feels like a museum insider, a museum outsider, or both.