Culture is an expression of humanity’s creativity and is linked to meaning, knowledge, talent, and values. It is dependent on innovation, because this is what essentially drives humanity forward, both in well-being and in economic growth. For museums, innovation is the key to enable responsible change.

Culture-Driven Innovation

The cultural and creative sector is as a driving force for innovation.

Why do we need to drive innovation?

Learn why we need the cultural and creative sector as a driving force for responsible innovation.


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How to enhance responsible innovation?

Learn how you can drive responsible innovation in your institution.

Innovation Indicator

Measure your Innovation Readiness!

The foundation of successful innovation are great ideas and excellent execution. However, to become a great innovator, you first need to know your current innovation performance and key areas for improvement. Start here to measure your innovation strength and gain valuable insights in how to increase your innovation power.

Innovation Strategy Guide

How to create a good innovation strategy!

Demystifying innovation and its challenges in the cultural sector. The methods, tools, canvases and definitions any innovative institution needs to succeed. 

Innovation can and must be diverse. Therefore, there are many ways to start your innovation journey, where many areas can and must be addressed. However, don’t start with an all-encompassing innovation program. We recommend prioritizing and starting with a focused initiative that targets the areas you wish to improve on and delivers tangible added value for your organization, visitors, and community. 

We have defined these main areas as Exhibition, Engagement, Service, and Organisation into which the different functional activities of museums fall. This structure helps to identify domains, and provides a clear structure to specify goals, a foundation for measurement and the use of innovation data.

Innovation Spotlights

Take the first steps and learn from our experts how to activate your innovation process in an unconstrained way.



Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell
Learn how to build a natured-based narrative for your museum and how to become an organic museum.


Digital Strategy
Katharina Schreiber
Initiate and develop your own Digital Strategy using this five-step approach that can be used by organisations of different sizes.

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Join our webinars to gain valuable insights and learn how to improve your innovation power to build more equitable, relevant and impactful museums. Our team of experts share their insights and strategies in order to help you to solve complex institutional challenges.

Past live webinars

Innovative Visitor Engagement

Thursday 23rd March - 4pm (CET)

Join this webinar and actively learn how you can enhance visitor experience, leverage design thinking, address issues of equity and inclusion, and how you can foster effective communication.

Our speakers:

Lisa Baxter | Dana Mitroff Silvers | Jose Gordillo Martorell | Joscha de Boever

Celebrate our Museum Innovation Community launch with us!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024 - 2.30pm (CET)