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The innovation community supports museums in addressing current and future crises and challenges, ensuring their long-term relevance and impact, and helping to increase their impact investment. Learn more about these knowledge drivers and solution providers that can help to enhance innovation and expand the original tasks of museums.
MuseoSpace is here to build and facilitate this powerful innovation ecosystem that can deliver societal impact and help to transform change in the sector. Become part of this community where knowledge-exchange and collaboration drives innovation.
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Knowledge Drivers


ZKM | Center for Art and Media

As a place expanding the original tasks of the museum, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a unique cultural institution worldwide. Founded in 1989 as a museum with the mission of continuing the classical arts into the digital age, today it is a house of all media and genres, a house of both spatial arts such as painting, photography and sculpture and time-based arts such as film, video, media art, music, dance, theater and performance. Under the direction of Peter Weibel, the ZKM has developed into an interactive and performative center of the arts that creates new relationships between art and the public. Symposia and other formats of theoretical discourse between art, philosophy, science, technology, business and politics complement the ZKM program to examine the effects of medialization, digitization and globalization on society.

Read more about ZKM one of the most important art institutions in our interview with Peter Weibel.

Institute for Learning Innovation Logo
Experts | Research

Institute for Learning Innovation

For more than 30 years, ILI has been an innovator in thinking systemically about learning by investigating how, why, where, and when people and groups learn over their lifetime. Measuring the educational impact of communities and organizations in support of more robust and resilient educational ecosystems. Convening learning professionals, researchers, and policymakers to help nations, communities, and organizations define the knowledge and spaces for creating workable solutions. And connecting knowledge and practice to enable communities and organizations to build educational experiences that lead to active, engaged, and lifelong learners.

Read more about ILI, and the value of museum experience in our interview with John Falk.



Advancements in technology have enabled industries around the world to transform by empowering employees and delighting their customers. The same opportunity exists for Libraries and Museums seeking to understand what is possible and looking to form their own unique digital transformation strategy. Microsoft Digital Transformation Framework for Libraries and Museums offers a holistic technology strategy for addressing critical areas and elements of digital transformation.

Read more about Microsoft & Digital Transformation in our interview with Catherine Devine.


“Inspiring the Digital Landscape in Libraries and Museums” – The digital transformation webinar series is dedicated to the challenges, needs and global trends in Libraries and Museums and provides information about big picture trends and global perspectives, as well as plenty of case studies and practical examples.


The new Libraries and Museums Podcast is dedicated to exploring the journey of digital transformation in museums and libraries from around the world. These interviews explore emerging trends and common pitfalls, as well as revealing critical truths about digital change.  

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UNMUTE is an online art exhibition platform to showcase digital art, democratize curation, and let art reach more people. They seek to provide independent curators a platform to showcase their visions without worrying about the budget or being limited to institutional requests. A platform which is being built by artists and curators for art lovers of all kinds, especially those interested in digital art forms like short films, video games, graphic art, collaborative art, participatory art, and the likes.

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Cultural Foundation

Ki Culture

Ki Culture is the bridge between culture and sustainability – the full-time dedicated resource for solving problems, building partnerships and creating a better future. They are cultural professionals and sustainability specialists who believe in culture’s potential to inspire the rest of the world to create meaningful change. Their Ki Books guide you step-by-step, each with a particular theme, to implement sustainable changes and their Ki Futures program offer tailored support for implementing change and connecting and collaborating on a global scale.

Read more about Ki Culture in our interview with Caitlin Soutwick.


The Experience Business

For over a decade, Lisa Baxter (aka The Experience Business) has been working with arts and cultural organisations internationally to help them understand, conceptualise and design optimal visitor experiences. A pioneer in her field, Lisa’s approach to audience development and engagement is both creative and collaborative, working with interdisciplinary teams on visitor-facing initiatives that are purpose-driven and human-centred. All her work is framed as an applied-learning opportunity that shifts mindsets, transforms practice and builds organisational capacity. Her unique approach recasts arts professionals at all levels from service deliverers to the creative producers of the visitor experience … and in a way that is strategic, holistic, and creatively engaging.

Read more about The Experience Business in our interview with Lisa Baxter.

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Cultural Foundation

Julie’s Bicycle

Julie’s Bicycle, founded by the UK music industry in 2007 and now working across the performing and visual arts internationally, has more than a decade of experience mobilising environmental action. We do this through research, guidance, tools, consultancy, training, and bringing together networks that translate the imperative of the climate crisis into practical actions and projects for the creative community to lead. We take our experience working with the creative community ‘on the ground’ to policymakers to create structural change. 

JB’s freely-available resources are the most comprehensive library of good environmental practice for culture anywhere in the world, co-created with the thousands of creative organisations and artists we have worked with – from commercial multi-nationals to grassroots micro-SMEs. A UK-based charity, we work at the heart of a thriving informal network of organisations and individuals who share our vision across Europe and the wider world, using our 14 years of experience to support others on their journey wherever they may be and playing a pivotal role in catalysing new projects at the intersection of culture and climate.

Learn more about Julie’s Bicycle in our interview with Graciela Melitsko Thornton.

Embassy of Culture Logo

Embassy of Culture

The EMBASSY of CULTURE is an agency that works at the interface between research, education and applied consultancy for cultural institutions, administrations and ministries. Our guiding principle is a holistic understanding of audience development that takes into account the needs of potential visitors / users as well as the institutional requirements of cultural establishments. The aim is to maximise cultural value creation and effectiveness on the basis of existing resources through a new strategic orientation, in order to transform cultural institutions into socially relevant spaces.

Read more about Embassy of Culture in our interview with Matthias Henkel.


Mike Murawski

With more than 20 years of experience in education and museums, Mike Murawski brings his personal values of deep listening, care, and collaboration into the work that he leads with organizations and communities. He is passionate about transforming museums, cultural institutions & non-profits to become more equitable and community-centered. In his book Museums As Agents of Change – A Guide to Becoming a Changemaker, he addresses vital questions and the work we need to do to become effective changemakers, offering strategies for taking action toward positive social change and proactively shaping a new future for museums.

Read more in our interview with Mike Murawski.

Cultural Foundation

Museums for Future

We are a non-profit, activist organization that unites a global community of museum professionals and cultural institutions, who are not accepting political decision makers to postpone ambitious climate aciton any longer. In our mutual aim to remain below +1.5°C global heating – as stipulated in the Paris Climate Agreement – and to establish global climate justice, we are an alliance to our children and the best available science. We are organized by volunteers and supported by institutions all over the world – and still growing! Let´s make cultural institutions the role models of this evident transition to a more just and sustainable future.

Find more information about digital info meetings, open positions and inspirations for actions on our website


Open Impact

Open Impact is an Italian innovative start-up and research spin-off that provides services for measuring, valorising and managing social, environmental and economic impact in an integrated sustainability fashion. Our vision is to overcome the technical and cultural barriers of impact measurability, promoting the development of a society that recognises and rewards social and environmental value.

Since 2019 – the year of its foundation – Open Impact has been working with institutions, businesses, public bodies, third sector entities and international organisations with a hybrid approach, integrating consultancy enriched by academic expertise and delivering highly innovative digital solutions. Our flagship is the Open Impact Database, the first database in Italy for impact benchmarking, in which all the internationally validated social impact assessments available online in open source have been collected, codified and summarised. Thanks to a set of key variables – outcome areas, indicators, financial proxies – being constantly updated, Open Impact is able to accompany organisations in identifying and communicating the value generated by their projects, services and policies. 


Artem GmbH

Artem GmbH is a consulting and technology company serving the arts, founded on a passion for culture and progress.  The company shapes opportunities and solutions from the challenges of social change. Focused on museums and exhibition spaces, artem accompany cultural institutions on their way to sustainable organizational development and innovative digital competence and connect museums for learning from each other. artem combines art history, strategy consulting and software development to help shape the future of art today. The focus is on digital strategies, restructuring and change, process automation and the management of complex datasets.

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OROUNDO Mobile GmbH creates synergies between the culture and tourism industry by connecting partners with new target groups through its holistic platform Cultural Places (CP). With their smart solutions and a strong sense for community-based platforms, they are helping the cultural tourism into the 21st century. Cultural Places is available on web and app, connects cultural organisations with cultural travellers and helps the art and culture tourism sectors with digital transformation and audience development. 

Economy | Experts


We are RevelX | we realize growth through innovation.

We are a boutique management and strategy consulting firm specialized in Innovation management. Discovering and exploiting opportunities for growth. That is our playing field. We believe that every organization, both for-profit and non-profit, should invest in improving their innovation management performance to ensure growth and future relevance.

We excel at disruptive creativity, rigorous analysis and disciplined execution. We add strategic thinking and execution power to your team. That is how we realize growth for your organization. We are a team of growth entrepreneurs. A collection of curious minds and diverse personalities. Based in Amsterdam, we are proud to serve our clients in various industries around the globe with a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals.

Learn more about the Innovation Readiness Indicator:

Museums | Research

Estonian National Museum

The Estonian National Museum is one of the largest museums in Estonia. It opened a new building in 2016, becoming a contemporary venue for large exhibitions and cultural events. The museum studies group of the Estonian National Museum links academic research with museum practice, carrying out research in the area of museum communication, audience research and museum management, applying it to museum development locally and internationally. Current collaborations involve developing a self-evaluation model for the European museums (MOI! Museums of Impact) and exploring the opportunities for measuring the impact of cultural events and institutions on the local environment with data analytics (Me Mind).


Cultural Inquiry

Based in Zurich Cultural Inquiry acts as a kind of Doctor for Museums supporting the healing to recovery from some of the gravest pandemic wounds. As a community weaver, our research and practice are fully committed to promoting collective well-being, human flourishing, inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience in the long term. We have created the concept of an “Organic Museum” to reconnect cultural organizations with community and nature to find sense of purpose and belonging.

Learn more about Cultural Inquiry in our interview with Jose Antonio Gordillo Martorell.

Cultural Foundation

Nordmetall Stiftung

Relevant Museum – Collaboratively Designing the Future of Museums

“Promoting talent, strengthening social cohesion, enriching the north”, is NORDMETALL-Foundation’s mission. Being based in Hamburg, the foundation works in partnerships with organisations from the cultural sector, other fields of cooperations are good practise in STEM education and science as well as support of volunteering frameworks. In the area of culture, audience-focussed approaches in museums and music festivals are explored. How can museums engage 21st-century audiences and reflect their perspective in their museum work? Since 2019 fifty participants from 15 museums in Germany, Switzerland and Austria have been sharing their experiences in the “Relevant Museum“ programme. They are collaboratively working on rethinking their responsibilities and relationships with diverse communities, co-designed and supported by the NORDMETALL-Foundation – since 2022 additionally by the Swiss Foundation for Art, Culture and History. Insights of the ongoing process are given in the monthly bilingual newsletter “Spotlighting Museums“.

Read the article about MuseoSpace – Designing Space for Innovation:

Experts | Research


Eoh-for-Good is an independent strategy consultancy specialised in generating transformational co-creation dynamics in organisations and regional innovation ecosystems. We dreamed of being able to offer management alternatives that would make us move forward with the new times, with the new realities. We dreamed of a more fluid management that took advantage of all the synergies, in constant dialogue with the different parties involved, listening to all opinions and learning to manage collective interests versus individuals, in search of win-wins and a common good.

Eoh-for-Good was born from the experience gained over more than 20 years in managing the R&I internationalisation, outreach, engagement and impact strategy of first-rate Research & Innovation institutions in collaboration with over 1300 stakeholders from an n-helix spectrum.

The Eoh-for-Good multi-i co-creative vortexes have been designed as a flexible and adaptable methodology to transform challenges into solutions with long-lasting positive impacts. How does it work? Through the design of ad-hoc in-house and in-context multi-i co-creative processes, hence its ‘multi-i’ collaborative nature: interpersonal, inter-institutional, interdisciplinary…

Link to the Eoh-for-Good Book


Designing Insights LLC

Designing Insights LLC is a San Francisco Bay Area-based innovation consultancy that leverages human-centered design to help museums and cultural heritage organizations spark creativity, boost collaboration, and bring clarity to complexity. Designing Insights has helped a wide range of institutions achieve greater impact with consulting, training, research, and capacity-building. A woman-led innovation consultancy founded in 2013, we have worked with museum professionals at all levels, from front-line staff to trustees, and with art, science, natural history, and encyclopedic museums across the United States. Our clients include the National Gallery of Art, J. Paul Getty Trust, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Smithsonian, and Wallace Foundation.

Learn more about Designing Insights LLC in our interview with Dana Mitroff Silvers.


Museum Human

Robert J Weisberg brings nearly 30 years as a museum hyphenate, a technologist-typesetter-digital-publisher-file-gatherer-project-manager-workflow-whisperer, to his website Museum Human.
Rob posts twice a week on the organizational culture of cultural organizations, examining issues such as scarcity mindsets, overwork, remote/hybrid, hierarchy, and new technologies through the lens of org culture. The site features interviews with a diverse group of museum-field thinkers and makers.
Rob aims to counter conventional wisdom and hierarchical mindsets. Change starts with each person but lives in our interrelated lives. Only museums that acknowledge that everyone is a leader, decision-maker, strategist, and digital transformer will survive our polycrisis.
He’s been described as “open and accessible with a little bit of humor, and a little bit angry.”

Rachel S Ropeik

Rachel Ropeik is an educator, facilitator, adventurer, experience builder, and pirate who brings thoughtful, playful, and progressive approaches to catalyzing change in arts and culture. She currently works independently with both individuals and institutions.

Rachel creates spaces where people can feel comfortable and inspired. She centers equity and experimentation and is known as an empathetic listener, an adaptive leader, and a people-oriented direct communicator.

Before going independent, Rachel’s arts education career spanned major art museums and travel companies in New York, London, Paris, and the internet. On top of that, she can tell you a good story if you ask about when she held a lost Leonardo da Vinci painting or had to figure out how much Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe was worth.​​

You can find out more about her at her website,