MuseoSpace is a foundation with a cultural purpose that uses its innovative nature to achieve its goals. It aims to contribute to sustainable cultural development while strengthening the innovation capacity of museums to respond to a fast-changing environment.

Museospace implies innovation

MuseoSpace Stichting is a non-profit organisation founded to support the cultural landscape, aiming to accelerate museums’ relevance and impact by encouraging and enabling their innovation potential, so that more innovative, relevant, and impactful museums can be built.

MuseoSpace is building on three pillars to achieve its mission: 

  • Research & Innovation Activities – Strengthening common knowledge and expertise. 
  • Network & Collaboration – Building bridges across disciplines, countries, and sectors.
  • Promotion & Empowerment – Contributing to boosting innovation while promoting Europe’s rich culture, values, and interests.

MuseoSpace activities are designed to provide resources and tools which will facilitate communication, collaboration, and knowledge exchange while promoting Europe’s rich culture. By building a powerful innovation ecosystem, MuseoSpace brings together partners across disciplines, countries, and sectors, that strengthen the collaboration among museums, R&D and experts, industry, and CCIs and increase international competitiveness of museums at national, regional and local levels. The Culture Innovation Community is using its cross-sector network that invest, support, initialise and develop programs and raise awareness for policymakers to incorporate culture-driven innovation into their policymaking, and encourage governments and companies to integrate culture innovation into their funding programs.

Read more about our foundation and its legal status. Any questions? Please contact us.

Our approach

Within our Culture Innovation Community, we aim to create a favourable environment for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and innovations to flourish so that valuable solutions, programs and services to societal challenges can be achieved. Well-planned and targeted innovations realise ideas.​


We contribute to our Culture Innovation Community, by strengthening the cooperation among museums, society, economy and science.


Together we support capacity-building for innovation, while empowering individuals and institutions to design improved services and experiences.


We help to identify needs and generate ideas to meet the specific requirements of the cultural & creative industry, while promoting value-driven products, services, and jobs.

Our team

Meet our diverse international team of art lovers, engineers, architects, lawyers, communication specialists and museum professionals. We provide different perspectives but share the same motivation to invest in culture and innovation. Together we develop and implement innovative solutions to connect more people with culture. We are MuseoSpace.

Diana Fehr Founder

Diana Fehr

Founder & Board Member
Diana combines her various professional perspectives and cultural experiences to foster an inclusive cultural transformation in society. As an architect, she is driven to build spaces of value, and as an innovation manager, she is curious to explore new perspectives and paths.

Annette van Raamsdonk Board Member

Annette Van Raamsdonk

Board Member
Annette believes that Art opens up and connects people, inspires them and brings them together. She is a detail-orientated observer who specialises as a legal advisor in the healthcare sector with a focus on medical devices.

Image Nathalie Calabro-Gaubert

Nathalie Calabro-Gaubert

Board Member
Nathalie is an internationally renowned dance teacher, former artistic director in France sharing her passion for art throughout Europe, promoting and coaching young artist from all around the world. In the Netherlands, she has been working for two main universities of Arts, Codarts (Rotterdam) and ArtEZ (Arnhem) for about 20 years.

Isabella Modonesi

Board Member
Isabella supports MuseoSpace with her passion for art and history. As Senior Product Manager she has several years of experience in building and launching ICT products on the B2C and B2B market.

Conny Zelic Advisory Board

Conny Zelic

Advisory Board
Conny is an experienced communications and change expert with a background in market research. Her specialty is digital transformation. She works as a Programme and Change Manager at Newcastle University where she develops and implements strategies for institution wide initiatives.

Dorit Erzmoneit

Advisory Board
Dorit is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for art and culture. She believes that interconnection through art, the influence of pop culture, and historical events are key to understanding the world around us. As a leading marketing strategist and thinker, she understands the importance of innovation, trends, and different perspectives in driving success.

Nanette Deunk

Advisory Board
Nanette is an Industrial Engineer, a sustainability expert and an experienced project manager. She has lived in various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and worked for the United Nations, NGO's and social enterprises.  

Caroline Rijks Advisory Board

Caroline Rijks

Advisory Board
Caroline is a PR, Marketing and Communications manager at Museum Panorama Mesdag in The Hague. Besides that she also has the role of secretary of the Leiden International Photo Festival board, which works to promote young artists from all across Europe.

Thomas Gockeln Advisory Board

Thomas Gockeln

Advisory Board
Thomas is an Architect specialising in the fields of Project Management, Business Development and Lead Consultancy Services. His experience includes placements in Doha and Basel, leading projects with international Architects, including Rafael Moneo, Alvaro Siza and Jean Nouvel.

Louise Hörl

Brand & Web Designer
Louise supports MuseoSpace with her expertise in online marketing. She has worked in various agencies, until she founded her own company focusing on branding and website development. Also she loves exploring new cultures and would never skip an exhibition on Bauhaus or Impressionism.


We would be grateful if you would consider supporting our initiative with your enthusiasm, encouragement, and helping us to realize our  projects and programs. Please contact us for further information or any related questions you might have.

For donations please get in touch. We will send you all the information needed, including our bank details.