Making a difference

Museums play a key role in today’s society! They are key driver for social, cultural, and economical development, and have the power to shape responsible innovation for societal challenges.

MuseoSpace Foundation creates space for innovation drivers, at the intersection of museums, society, economy and science. It builds bridges across disciplines, countries, and sectors, exchanges knowledge and expertise and contributes to boost innovation in the cultural sector.

What drives us

We believe in museums as anchor points for responsible innovation, a driving force for social change. We focus to accelerate museums societal impact by promoting and encouraging their innovation potential, contributing to making a difference in today’s world.


Improve access to knowledge


Enhance visitor experience and well-being


Boost exploration and ideation 


Elevate cultural diversity and inclusion


Promote cultural impact on society


Support sustainable values and goals

Innovation Space

Within our Culture Innovation Community, we aim to create a favourable environment for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and innovations to flourish so that valuable solutions, programs and services to societal challenges can be achieved. Well-planned and targeted innovations realise ideas.


Measure your your innovation readiness and gain valuable insights in how to increase your innovation power.


Get insights and guidance on how to drive innovation and how to become and stay relevant and impactful.


Join our Innovation Community and help us to drive responsible innovation in the cultural sector.