Raising cultural impact

on society

empowered by innovation

Making a difference

Museums play a key role in today’s society! They embody a space of outstanding cultural diversity, attraction, and creative stimulation. Museums are a main engine for social, cultural, and economical development, and have the power to shape responsible innovations for societal challenges.


MuseoSpace Foundation aims to encourage and enable museums to achieve more innovation by fostering Culture-Driven Innovation.

What drives us

We believe in museums as anchor points for culture-driven innovation. We strive to enhance this innovation in the cultural sector as a key driver for sustainable change, and to contribute to making a difference in today‘s cultural world.


Improve access to culture


Enhance audience experience


Increase and foster innovation


Elevate cultural diversity


Promote climate action


Support United Nations SDGs

Our approach

Within our Culture Innovation Community we aim to create a favorable environment for creative thought processes and innovations to flourish, so that valuable solutions, programs and services to societal challenges can be achieved. Well-planned and targeted innovations realize ideas.


We contribute to our Culture Innovation Community, by strengthening the cooperation among museums, research & educational institutions, and industrial partners.


Trough our community, we support capacity-building for innovation, while empowering individuals and institutions to design improved services and experiences.


We help to identify needs and generate ideas to meet the specific requirements of the cultural & creative industry, while promoting value-driven products, services, and jobs.

Inspiration Board

Museums are anchor-points for culture-driven innovation and agents of change. Take a look at key innovative institutes, organisations and initiatives which act as inspirational guides in the museums sector whilst shaping our future, strengthening social inclusion and guiding us into the new digital age.